e-Portfolios for Training Providers

VQManager has become the go-to ePortfolio for many training providers delivering qualifications and apprenticeship standards.

Key features:

  • Reflective learner diary, with OTJT hours recording function
  • Activity log, with OTJT hours recording function
  • Progress review scheduler and recorder
  • Intelligent OTJT hours calculation and reporting
  • Progression Tracker (to periodically record learner, training provider and workplace manager’s view of competency)
  • User access via computer or mobile device (ultra-convenient evidence capture in-the-field)
  • EPA ready, tracks progress to ensure readiness for EPA and presents assessment resources to EPAo.
  • Reporting (generates multiple reports around progress, progress review completion, ITJT hours and many more)

Apprenticeship Standards

e-portfolios for Apprenticeships



What Price Value?

“The Skills Partnership has been using SkillWise’s VQManager for a number of years now and as the product and services have developed, so it has moved to centre stage within our business. Without it at this stage we would not be able to use the essential underpinning learner progress information to drive our monthly operational performance.  In the early stages we would tend to turn a blind eye if a tutor was not fully utilising the system and ensuring that all learner evidence in each part of an Apprenticeship framework was being uploaded. 

We realise now, we were holding ourselves back. The ability to track and have visibility of learner progress is too important to allow those who aren’t ‘on the bus’ to dictate the speed of implementation. 

Overall we are very pleased with the service that we receive from the SkillWise team. We know that if we come to them with a development request or a user query, they will respond straight away and that is important to us.” James Bishop,Managing Director The Skills Partnership

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