Inspection, key information recording in VQManager e-Portfolio

“Progress can be monitored very accurately by senior managers, learners and tutors and information to enable remote internal verification can be easily accessed”. OFSTED

Whenever you’re notified of an inspection, VQManager will have all the information you need readily to hand.

This will include:

Quality of education – suitability of course/apprenticeship, progress and achievement

Behaviours and attitudes – captured in evidence and attendance

Personal development – off the job training hours, British values, equality and diversity

Leadership and management – Assessor activity, CPD recording, safeguarding

Our Progression Tracker is an example of where you can see a learner’s starting competency (and therefore verify that they are on an appropriate programme) as well as allowing the learner (apprentice), their training provider and their workplace manager to record periodic assessments of their competency to evidence progress, learning

Apprenticeship Standards



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