Continuing your delivery through COVID-19 – it’s not too late to deploy an e-Portfolio

We appreciate the widespread disruption that providers are currently experiencing thought COVID-19, and its associated restrictions on travel and face to face meetings.

If you still rely on a paper-based process and face to face assessment, this might mean that your learners effectively grind to a halt.

The good news is that you can still deploy VQManager e-Portfolio and continue to progress your learners.

  • VQManager CAN be deployed remotely – we just need a couple of phone calls with you.
  • Your own qualification structures will be imported.
  • We CAN train your users remotely.
  • Assessment, progress tracking and Quality Assurance CAN still continue.
  • Learners who are already quite progressed on paper CAN be imported into the e-Portfolio and continue seamlessly.
  • SkillWise DOES provide full time business hours support to ensure your success.
  • You CAN create all the items required for EPA within the ePortfolio.
  • From first contact, we can have you operational within around a week.

VQManager Demonstration

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We have already created numerous support documents for existing clients to help during this very difficult time. Please check them out in our client support area. Covid-19

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